We have created our line of V.VM products to best represent the lifestyle that we are trying to express, with simplicity and nature at the center of everything we do. We firmly believe that owning less things but things that are made very well and from natural materials can help us connect with our natural environment and feel more grounded and calm at home.

From our own handmade Tapered Candles to our line of Ceramics and Linens and our Home Candle Collection that will bring the scents of nature directly into your home, these are the essential pieces that you will appreciate every day and have forever.

We are drying most of our dried flowers in our studio in Umbria, where the plants or flowers are separated by how much light they should receive, then bunched together and hung for a certain amount of time. We love to mix colourful dried flowers with very natural and often wild plants found in nature. We do not dye any of our dried flowers as we like to respect the plant's natural colouring. Our bouquets vary from small, medium to large.

Inspired by American Shaker culture and our love of candlelight, we began Vicolo Via Mameli by producing our own hand-dipped 100% beeswax candles using local beeswax from Italy. Because of these candles, we decided to focus our shop on living simply to appreciate everything around you, living slowly and thoughtfully, and encouraging an awareness and step back from over-consumption and commercialism.

Our quilts are made using traditional American quilting patterns and designs, and then producing them in India using recycled fabric scraps. We are in constant communication with our producers in Gujarat who send us all of the design samples and final products images as they are made. Every single piece is made by hand, making each one unique forever and always yours.

We are working with one of Italy's oldest ceramic makers (since 1700) to create our line of ceramic dishes inspired by the classic Italian Trattoria dish and with a traditional antique cream color. This soft buttercream color makes any table feel cozy and inviting!

Inspired by our own memories of the countryside and of nature, we have created our line of home candles with the intention of transporting people to a warm memory or feeling. Created with a perfumer in Italy, every candle has been carefully aligned with the scent and idea of each memory. Each candle has a beautiful smell and unique cork top that creates a magic moment when you open the box, where you will find a small booklet as well with image and description of your chosen scent. Materials: All Natural Waxes & Recycled Cork Top.

Inspired by the simplicity of nature, we created our own line of simple yet sophisticated linens to make every home elegant but casual at the same time. We use Italian linen grown and guaranteed by the Canapificio e Linificio Nazionale. The fiber is then processed in Italy with the best traditional looms to create these beautiful textures.