When we bought our home in 2020, the entire bottom floor of the house was either animal stalls or concrete storage space. What is now the kitchen was a room with only one small opening to enter and had concrete floors and mixed concrete and open stone walls. In the image above you see the original door of this storage space that we plan to leave. Below, a view of that same door open, with passageways to the upstairs or straight through to the dining room. In the final image below you can see an opening that we made in one of the main walls so that we could easily walk through to the dining room from the kitchen or go directly outside to the back of the house. Thanks to some beautiful antique materials and a slow but precise work, we have a kitchen that feels our own.

Antique Brick Flooring

After months of research, we finally found these beautiful used bricks in Crema, Italy to use for our kitchen flooring. Although Terracotta is more commonly used in Umbria, we felt that we wanted something a bit more English Country style and that felt more rustic and weathered. We are still figuring out the best solution for sealing them from dirt and dust, but their overall look and effect has made us very happy.

Wavy Walls

Most people who visit the house now are very curious about the walls that we've created in the kitchen. We worked closely with our builders to explain the effect we were going for and they then managed to create their own technique which worked for our final outcome. The trick here was an underlay of concrete that is creating this spontaneous movement, and then using a second layer of plaster on top of the concrete for the final antique white wavy cave-like walls.

After 2 Years

It has taken a full two years of renovation to finally have a kitchen that feels like home. This is the space where we spend most of our time cooking, eating and sometimes as a home office. Currently, it's also the only room of the house that is warm enough to take your jacket off, but more on heating and insulation in our next post.

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